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November 5, 2012
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Holiday Preparations by hyenacub Holiday Preparations by hyenacub
These model stocks rocked! :rofl: They were perfect! So, we have much adorableness, some hilarity, a few hijinks, and the young man on the right, exasperated with all of the novices and their "decorating". :XD:

:xmas: This is for =DamselStock's Elf contest! [link]

This was a huge BLAST to do! There are several hours' work in this picture, and I am happy at how it came out. I very slightly over-saturated the kids and items to make a warm and inviting scene against that cold purple sky....and to make it look a bit magical. Also assuming there is a bright light source just off of stage front-left. C:

So--stock credits! This pic has the most stock pics I've ever used in one picture before (19... Well, if you count the extra pics I stole a leg from to change Lexi's and Seth's positions...21!), and you guys were epic!! Any of the stock artists here may request a print-quality copy of the picture if they like, providing they use them for their own private use, and don't give or sell the file or sell prints of it. C: Just note my your email addy and I'll send it along.

So...the elf-kids.

:xmas: The climbing kid is this kid, found here: [link] by ~DemoncherryStock

:xmas: The kiddo laughing his head off is Destin, son of =ivy-ashe, found here: [link] A special thanks to him and his mom, who shot this picture especially for me. It was their first time shooting stock, and it ROCKED!

:xmas: The boy hanging from the tree is ~SethMJones, found here: [link] by =DamselStock (With leg parts from two others of Seth's elf stock shoot for the bent leg.)

:xmas: The little girl running to catch Seth in case he falls is Lexi, found here: [link] by =Falln-Stock (Also with a leg taken from another of Lexi's pics from that shoot for the bent leg.)

:xmas: The talented elf guitarist in the tree is this kiddo, found here: [link] by ~Tracie76Stock

:xmas: The adorable little elf with the lamp on the tree root is Alina, found here: [link] by ~anastasiya-landa

:xmas: The young man leaning against the fence and groaning at the antics of the younger elves is Matt, son of =ivy-ashe, found here: [link] (Also a special thanks to them, as this shot was also done especially for this picture. Thanks, guys!)

Thanks to all these photographers and models--they were freaking awesome! And make great elves, too. XD Of course I have drawn various hats and elf shoes on them...can't run around the North Pole without those!



Now the items and scenery:

:xmas: Background trees: [link] by ~AlzirrSwanheartStock

:xmas: Bark texture for tree trunk: [link] by =ftourini

:xmas: Top of tree: [link] [link] and [link] by `FantasyStock ~Axy-stock and ~vicissitude-stock

:xmas: Fence posts from: [link] by `shelldevil

:xmas: Snow textures (not the snowman): [link] [link] and [link] by *Momotte2stocks and ~anodyne-stock

:xmas: The bare footprints in the lower right-hand corner: [link] by ~daylistock

:xmas: Crate: [link] by =AreteStock

:xmas: Garland Texture Overlay: [link] by ~MoonstruckStock

:xmas: Other decorations in the crate are my pics.

Thanks, guys! Your stuff really gave my picture the touch of realism! :dalove:

:holly: :holly: I THINK that is everyone... If someone happens to notice a reference I missed, PLEASE point it out to me!: :holly: :holly:
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Congratulations on winning 2nd place in the contest!! :clap: :D
hyenacub Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist
Hehe thanks! Congrats for winning third! XD
tinca2 Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Stunning artwork and sooo sweet :wow: I love ut very much :heart:

I hope you win in the contest :love:
hyenacub Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist
Aw, thanks! It was a lot of fun to work with and the kids are just freaking adorable. LOL And I was lucky to get these perfect poses!

Thanks for the well wishes! XD
Momotte2stocks Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Hello dear !! your lovely work is in my journal :[link]

Thank you so much for loving my stocks ! :dance:
hyenacub Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist
Oh cool, thank you! And your stocks are easy to love! : D
Now thats all sorts of adorable :D
hyenacub Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist
Hehe thanks!
Momotte2stocks Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
What a beautiful work ;)
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